How do you brand an invisible territory?

Designed in collaboration with Denis Guzzo´╗┐

 Casla, Almere, The Netherlands

Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-7990

You start with a flag! Freedomland is a visual, journalistic statement, into an highly regulated- man made landscape; captured between forces of order and space, landscape and urbanism, concept and execution, authority and freedom and expressed as a new conceptual territory.  This surreal setting can only be viewed through the lens and presented to us by photographer Denis Guzzo.
How and where do you begin by branding a fictional territory that has been made visible through photography? We were completely vexed by this notion at first also given the deep and rich history of the project. 

Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8393
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8332
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8343
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8406-2
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8358
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8345
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8390
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8337
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8412


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