How do you brand an invisible territory?

Designed in collaboration with Denis Guzzo

 Casla, Almere, The Netherlands

Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-7990

How and where do you begin by branding a fictional territory that has been made visible through photography? At first, the team was completely vexed by this notion at first also given the deep and rich history of the project. You start with a flag!

Freedomland is a visual, journalistic exploration of a highly regulated man-made landscape; captured between opposing forces of order and space, landscape and urbanism, concept and execution, authority and freedom and expressed as a new conceptual territory created at these intersections. This surreal setting can only be viewed through the lens and presented to us by photographer Denis Guzzo.

Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8393
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8332
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8343
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8406-2
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8358
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8345
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8390
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8337
Freedomland_DenisGuzzo_Installation view_Amlere2013-8412


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