Education requires people, money and instruments.

Proposed design for a human rights poster campaign 

Danish National Poster Museum, Aarhus, Denmark


The interior of the Danish Poster museum

The orignial brief came from an unrealised human rights poster campaign from dutch design studio Hats & Tales. They'd asked to create a poster about what one thought was the current state of education in the world. The poster looks at educational ranking by list and GDP by cartogram. Having had time to reflect on this early piece, it would have been better to show GDP and educational spending both in cartograms.   
Instead of letting it sit and collect dust it was released it into the wild. The Danish poster museum happened to be looking for posters on social issues from all over the world at the time. This poster now sits in its new home in Denmark at the Danish Poster Museum in Aarhus and is apart of the permenant archieve.



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